How to shop online safely

Can you imagine how many websites are on the World Wide Web (WWW) today? According to the Internet Live Stats, There are over 1 billion websites on the World Wide Web today. This milestone was first reached in September 2014, as confirmed by Netcraft in its October 2014 Web Server Survey and first estimated and announced by Internet Live Stats.

One billion Internet users

Yes, 1 billion websites. Do you know how many websites are born each day? This value lies around 140,000 per day (at least during 2012). A survey by Netcraft in 2012 showed that a total number of websites launched in 2012 were 51 million i.e. ~140,000 per day. At the time of this article there are 1,156,786,757 websites and 3,578,766,679 internet users (WOW).

As shopping sites are more competitive, any shopping site should meet certain technical and functional features to consider as secured and to provide a useful shopping experience through consumer trust and satisfaction.

  • PCI Compliance
    Reemyu PCI DSS certified
    To ease our customers' concerns about payment system breaches, and cardholder theft, we would like to inform that we are certified Level 1 PCI DSS compliant. Attaining the highest security credential is not easy, so this will establish credibility for our store.
  • SSL Certificate
    Reemyu SSL Secure Connection
    We value our customer's security and privacy and are serious about protecting their information. To build trust with our customers and ensure the highest security, our store uses bank-level encryption to securely transmit your sensitive data.
  • Secured payment gateway
    Reemyu 2Checkout Logo Secured by PayPal
    We use PayPal and 2Checkout payment gateways to process customer payments. Our customer's card details are communicated directly to the PayPal and 2Checkout secured servers. The customer's card details never pass through our web server. Read our Privacy Policy for details.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee
    Reemyu Satisfaction Guaranteed
    We provide a 30-day money-back guarantee by reducing the perceived risk and to build relationships with our customers that inspires trust. It is possibly the strongest sales tool we can leverage. It tells the customer that you stand behind and believe in your product. Read our Return Policy for details.
  • Secure Infrastructure
    Reemyu Shopify Platform
    We know that consumers expect a certain level of reliability, consistency, and correctness when they shop online. Letting you know that we're hosted by (Shopify) the leading e-commerce platform obviously will go a long way to further address our consumers' concerns about receiving the expected experience.
  • Social Validation

    Social validation can wisp into any decision maker's ear to whisper it's well-known coercion, "If everyone else is doing it, let's just go with it too…besides, how can so many other smart, capable people be wrong?"
  • Reviews - Product and site reviews build trust with prospective customers. It is much easier to convince our customers of the value we offer if they hear/read it from someone not associated with our site.
  • High-Quality products (Obviously)

    We ensure quality in every aspect. Quality is not an accident. Our quality processes are built-in to all business processes to ensure quality and value for customers.
  • Competitive pricing and value-added services

    Our prices are very competitive in the market segment and we provide free shipping worldwide in order to benefit and satisfy our valuable customers. Our programs and facilities like Rewards Program, Referral Program, e-Gifting, Share & Win, Track my order, Returns CenterHelp Center and 24x7 Online support provides more value through engagement for their purchasing experience.
  • Efficiency

    Our advanced searching options provide to search by category, price, size, etc to reach the intended product very quickly. Plus product sizing details, clear product descriptions, product rating/ feedback options, Help Center and online customer support (via Facebook Messenger integration) will bring customer experience to a new level. 
  • Customer Support

    Online support agents on the store website will bring more value to the customer experience. Our customers can reach our support agents 24x7 via the website or through Facebook messenger at their convenience.

We believe shopping is a right, not a luxury. We strive to deliver best products at affordable prices and ship them free to our customers worldwide while providing the best customer experience.

We are working hard to improve even more and we are open to any suggestions from our readers and valuable customers.  Please feel free to comment below and share your experience with us. We are more than happy to adopt and evolve towards improved customer satisfaction.


Enjoy shopping!



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