What to do with an old t shirt?

It is a well-known fact that T-Shirts last long regardless of its style or design. But when you lose interest in wearing them anymore, especially when you come across new designs and colors in particular; it is time for you to get rid of it and make more space in your wardrobe for incoming new clothes.
Have you ever wondered what you will do with your old T-shirts rather throwing it away! Are you up to "upcycling" or repurposing? Let's have a look at few ways of utilizing old T-Shirts to save few bucks and your time (of course).
  1. Clean with it: You can substitute your regular sponge and other materials with a piece of cloth (your old T-Shirt actually).
  2. Knit rugs: Google for DIY ideas and you will get tons of things to try out.
  3. Make a DIT Wet Mop head - Cut up T-Shirts makes perfect cleaning pads like your regular Mops. They are gentle on wood floors too.
  4. Pack boxes: Are you moving to a new home? T-Shirts make excellent padding for fragile items either when moving to a new home or traveling by air (like ceramic plates).
  5. Sew a Skirt: Turn your old T-Shirt into a Skirt with your sewing skills.
Well, these are few methods of upcycling and repurposing your old T-Shirts. You may have many ideas how you can do it in a different but a more useful way. Please share your thoughts to make the list even better (longer) and benefit our fellow readers.



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