Rewards Program

Earn Points with Every Purchase!

If you are reading this page, you are about to get rewards from our Store. Now, with every purchase you make, your account will earn cash points. You'll be able to use this cash points to purchase any item in our store. 

There are much more ways to earn more cash points.

Reemyu Earn Cash Points 1 Create a store account Reemyu Earn Cash Points 2 Make an order  Reemyu Earn Cash Points 3 Refer a friend
Reemyu Earn Cash Points 4 Sharing on Facebook  Reemyu Earn Cash Points 5 Liking page on Facebook Reemyu Earn Cash Points 6 Sharing on Twitter
Reemyu Earn Cash Points 7 Following on Twitter Reemyu Earn Cash Points 8 Following on Instagram  Reemyu Earn Cash Points 9 Customer birthday

Redeem those points for Rewards

Reemyu Cash Points rewards 1 5% off coupon Reemyu Cash Points rewards 2 10% off coupon Reemyu Cash Points rewards 3 25% off coupon

How do I enroll? 

Click on the Rewards button on the screen (bottom center) and create a Store account to enroll. 

How to track my points.

After you checkout out, you will see your points in your account. Please remember, to receive points, you must create an account (and be logged in) prior to checkout.

Reemyu Rewards Points Balance 

Disclaimer notice

Reemyu reserves the right to change or terminate rewards at any time in the event of fraud or abuse or if technical or other issues arise.

Enjoy shopping!



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